SpyOn Productions Inc: Made In Africa Week

1966801_728329257218160_996717170_nWe thought that it might interest you to check out pictures and videos from Made In Africa Week; Fashion Show & Networking. Let me share few attendees comments as well.
“It’s not often that you attend a quality fashion show and leave feeling like you just made a difference and even in the eyes of fashion experts, your identity mattered! It was like woah! The Made In Africa Week – Fashion Show on Saturday, September 6th was an exquisite reflection of the diversity and flavor of artistry bursting from the African continent and it’s people! The modern and authentic combinations of style and textures were great! The models were diverse in all forms and really portrayed each gifted designers piece well. My favorite parts included the intermissions that, unlike any other fashion show I’ve ever attended, were about the audience and getting people to interact and showcase themselves in various impromptu forms! It was such a community feel in that room, that in the end, created cool bonds. The laughter, the food, the fashion and ambience! So good! One hundred percent worth it! Great job Spyon Productions!” Miss Nime
Made In Africa Week Fashion Show

SpyOn Productions Inc

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